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  • How-to video by SwedeSource available on our youtube channel
  • Peace of mind for your Volvo whiteblock
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Who wants to crack their cylinder liners? Nobody. That’s where SwedeSource comes in.

SwedeSource has produced Volvo whiteblock shims to fit the budget. Our shims are made to fit perfectly between the gap in your Volvo 5 cylinder engine. With a tried and true sizing, our shims should be the perfect fit for the vast majority of engines. We have personally installed these shims in dozens of S60R, T5, and other whiteblock engines with great results.

Stop cracking your cylinder liners, purchase our shims for that extra layer of protection – peace of mind is the best thing you can have with these engines.

Our kit includes 4 shims and a SwedeSource decal. We have a how-to video on the SwedeSource YouTube page, and are always happy to answer your questions via e-mail or direct message on one of our social pages.

While we have never had anyone crack a liner with our shims, this is not a guarantee – as cracked liners can happen for multiple reasons. We do not know the limitations of these shims in regards to horsepower capabilities. SwedeSource is not liable for repair costs, or replacement of your engine if by some means it cracks a cylinder liner with the shims installed. We are not responsible for incorrect installations which may cause harm to your engine. Be aware this is simply a formula we have used with great success, and hope to continue to have a 100% success rate with preventing cylinder liner cracks on Volvo whiteblock engines.


Shim sizes:

0.031″ = Size which has been found to be a snug fit for majority of engines.

0.035″ = I only offer this size by demand. There is minimal difference between 0.031 and 0.035.

Other sizes can be produced upon request for additional fees.

Shim material: Stainless Steel, laser cut (it may have some soot from the burn table on them, don’t worry it’s harmless)

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0.031, 0.035


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